Wonder what those letters stand for after the color of beads or crystals?

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I know when i started making jewelry for my friends and then to sell, I noticed these initials after the color of the bead.  I never knew what they really stood for I just knew what they would looked like (after they arrived).  Now that I am selling Jewelry and all of my Coupe de Sassy Line have crystals from Swarovski I include all these letters/initials. Here is a breakdown for you.

AB – Stands for Aurora Borealis.  It refers to a rainbow like finish added to one side on the outside of the crystal/bead after polishing.  Its intent is to give added shine and play of color to the regular faceted crystal.  It is long lasting & does not fade or chip with normal wear

P –  Stands for Protective Coating, a lacquer system, applied over the crystal effects designed to protect the effects from scratches, fingerprints or other damage.  It also helps to prevent moisture that could lead to corrosion

AB2X – Stands for Aurora Borealis times two.  The AB2X surface effect has two times the coating of the AB effect, covering the entire crystal/bead.  The iridescent rainbow effect is seen on all sides, producing the utmost sparkle.

Xilion – Meaning the resembling of a diamond flash

Facet – Meaning one of the flat polished surfaces cut on a gemstone or occurring naturally on a crystal